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How to Respond to an Attorney General

This website contains helpful information for call centers and telemarketers struggling to deal with Attorney General letters and investigations.  Call centers and telemarketers who receive a letter or phone call from an Attorney General's office or other government agencies may struggle with how to best respond.  For example, most companies who receive an Attorney General letter will want to cooperate so that the investigation is promptly resolved, but may also be afraid that there were actual law violations or that information they disclose could be used against them.  Samples of AG letters, Cease-and-Desist notices, government Subpoenas, AG lawsuits, and settlement agreements are also available on this site.

Whether you are seeking assistance in responding to an attorney general's letter, need help interpreting FCC Regulations, or are researching marketing compliance, we hope the content of this site provides you the information and resources you are looking for.  We also invite you to contact an experienced marketing attorney for a free initial consultation with your AG response needs. 

Responding to an Attorney General
Responding to an Attorney General

Responding to an Attorney General (Feb. 2017)

Attorney General Response

Questions about responding to an Attorney General's office?  See our frequently asked questions. 

Responding to an Attorney General

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How to respond to an attorney general

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